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Weeping cherry try without many leaves

8 years ago

Hello everybody -- I'm trying to figure out what to do with my weeping cherry I've got in my yard. It's looked miserable since we bought our house four years ago. It's quite old, I'd say - maybe 35 years old when the house was built I'd assume. The problem is, most of the branches don't have many leaves. Some large sections of the tree don't have a single leaf on the branches. Some branches are very sparse (mostly bare with just a couple of leaves on them). There's one chunk that seems okay, and a lot of suckers coming out of the main trunk.

The trunk is also pretty banged up. It has gaping holes in the bark, sap everywhere. It's a pretty sad tree.

I've read others' experiences where folks have said maybe the grafted part is dying/dead and only the "upright" part of the tree is still alive. Given the pictures I've posted, anybody have any ideas what's going on? I'm trying to figure out if it's salvageable or if I just need to chop it down.


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