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Is Tide liquid a lot stronger than Tide Free and Gentle?

Jayme Smith
8 years ago
last modified: 8 years ago

My husband is a chef and after trying numerous natural detergents, I decided to stop fooling around with them and switched to Tide Free and Gentle for our normal laundry and Tide original liquid for his chef clothes. I am having a hard time with the scent! I don't really care for any scented laundry. I have thought about just using the Tide F&G but I'm afraid it's not strong enough. We have hard water, a FL machine and a septic tank.

Now I was just reading where it says to not use liquid detergents because they are bad for the septic system and gunk up he machines. Is that true??

Is the Tide original that much stronger of a laundry detergent?

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