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Organic Lithovit

Lukey Roberts
8 years ago

Hello! I've been using these forums for a while now and I
must say the help and knowledge I've gained from you guys here is great and I
think It's time to become sown and seeded as a full member!

**Pun alert!**

I’ve just got my hands on some of this stuff called ‘Lithovit’
from a friend of mine who swears by it (Here’s the link in case you don’t know
what I’m on about:
) I’m always a little sceptical about these sorts of products but she managed
to convince me to try it out and boy am I surprised!

I have a small to medium organic veggie patch at home here
in Wellington and usually get a good enough yield to feed myself and the fam for
a number of weeks but I want to try and go as self-sufficient as possible and
so far this seems perfect! I hope posting this helps anyone else looking for
something similar. I will post some before and after pictures as soon as the
sun comes out :D


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