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Final walk through

8 years ago

We sold our home FSBO. We've been through inspections and appraisal. We fixed the items asked for by the buyers on the inspection (they were very reasonable and didn't ask for every little thing on the list - thank goodness, I feel like I've heard many buyer horror stories).

I was just curious what we should expect on the final walk through. How long before closing does this typically occur (we've only purchased new homes)? Also, our furniture will be moved out and we will have hopefully done the deep clean of the house (want to leave it in as perfect condition as I can).

At this point can the buyers ask for more stuff (like replacing the carpet or more money off)? I realize that homes look different with furniture removed (for instance, there will be some furniture marks on our carpet from the couch or the tables sitting on the carpet). Also, in my opinion things look smaller and less appealing without furniture so I just fear they want more when we take all the furniture out.

Almost to the closing table ... I can't wait to move on with my life!

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