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Need help for my open kitchen, dining and living room layout design

9 years ago


We're planning to build a new house for our family of 4 (with 2 kids, ages 5 and 9).

I attached the photos of the house view, current layout planS. (My kid changed the color of the house to green! Actually it would be white with some wooden decorations :) )

Our problem is that we have a rectangular space for the open kitchen, dining and living room. As the land is rectangular in shape and we have limited wall to the street, also considering the east and west directions (shown in the photos), we placed the house as seen. We'll see the roof, there's no ceiling on the right of the house, one-floor part.

We studied several options where the kitchen should be. Where should we put the kitchen? Near to the entry or near to the deck? I put layouts "ALTERNATIVE-1" and "ALTERNATIVE-2"?

If we put the kitchen near to the entry door(ALTERNATIVE-1), what do you think about the kitchen layout seen in the photo?
I need advices where I should put the devices and sink.

And if you have any other advices about general layout, I'd be appreciated to hear...

Thanks for your kind cooperation.



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