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Heat Pump Quotes for Los Angeles craftsman house

Dan Kegel
7 years ago
last modified: 7 years ago

We have a lovely 1912 Craftsman, 4500 square feet... with 60 single-paned windows, no insulation, tons of drafts, and no A/C; it does have forced air heat from two natural gas furnaces, but the ducts are in terrible shape. I'm planning on going solar. There's room for an 8KW array on the roof, which would generate enough energy to cover our electricity use as well as most of our natural gas use (assuming I do something about drafts, insulation, and ducts).

I called up a local Carrier guy, asked him for a quote for an efficient heat pump to replace our attic furnace (may as well start small; the upstairs is what needs the cooling anyway). Here's what he came up with:

- Manual J calculations assume attic is insulated to R-19

- Carrier Infinity 18.3 SEER/13.5 EER system:

- 4-ton modulating condenser (25VNA060A003) installed on pad behind house

- 4-ton variable speed fan/coil unit (FE4ANB006L00) in attic

- WiFi thermostat, (SYSTXCCITW01, )

- Remove old furnace and ducting; install new flexible duct system

- Relocate return air intake, install three new air intakes, replace all registers

Price was $19K. Hrmph. Maybe I shouldn't have said "give me the most efficient system you can find". Guess I'll say something like "what can I get for $10k" as a starting point with the next HVAC guy :-)

Given how inefficient the house is, getting a top of the line heat pump might be putting lipstick on a pig... I should spend less on the heat pump and more on fixing the house. Also, I'm not sure the estimate took air sealing into account... maybe I can get away with a 3.5 or 3 ton unit.

(As the attic is spacious, and has windy gable vents that would blow cellulose insulation around too much, I'll probably insulate myself using fiberglass, even though it's evidently hard to do right, And I'll try old-fashioned brass weatherstripping for the windows. How I'll find time, I don't know... but a little careful DIY there might help offset the cost of doing the heat pump right.)

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