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2 year old Hoya plicata, dying from the base up! What's my next step?

keiko s
8 years ago
last modified: 8 years ago

Hey all :)

Some of you may remember me buzzing around the forums a few years ago, when I was first introduced to the world of hoya. One of my precious plants has been distressed and I was hoping some of you here may be able to give me some guidance.

This is my lovely hoya plicata which I got from Joni at SRQ hoya a few years ago. It had three different plants growing together and I had it in a soil-less mix. I didn't have the time to give it the attention it needed so I changed it to something that could hold a little more moisture. Now one of the plants have died and the second is on it's way. At this rate I'm also concerned about the third, though that one still looks fine.

(the stems from where they come out of the dirt,left to right: alive, dead, dying)

As you can see it starts from the base up. I really doubt that it is root rot as I have let it get almost excessively dry, I water all my hoya once a week and have never had an issue over watering. I suppose it could be the sudden change in the amount of moisture that it had grown accustom to?

I would love if anyone had any advice, I'm not sure how I should proceed! Make cuttings out of the dying one? Change the dirt to save the so-far-unharmed one? Help!


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