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Good or Bad Idea?

8 years ago
last modified: 8 years ago

Hello All,

A year ago, I had a yard of nasty weeds. Seeking a low-maintenance backyard that is safe for my dog, I covered it with wood chips. Since then, I have been regularly weeding out anything with sticky seeds, or barbs , foxtails, etc. that pop up, but have been leaving the clover and bermuda grass as it seems harmless to me. I figure those two things will eventually take over all the other stuff I don't want. Good or bad idea if the yard is really only used by the dog? Is there something I am not accounting for that I will later regret?

This is northern California and all my time in the yard is spent on the deck or in the hot tub on concrete. Around the edges of the yard are roses, artichokes, and a small boxed in garden, some fruit trees and all those things seem fine / easy to keep the weeds out of with this selection... In general, the weeding has, so far, required minimal labor.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts!

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