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Ideas for a kitchen desk area?

8 years ago

My house has an kitchen desk area and I'm not sure what to do with it. None of us will ever need to sit there and use it as a desk. We've been in the house a few weeks now and the desk has become a dumping ground for phones, homework, pencils and mail. It also holds the cat's bowls so the dog doesn't eat her food.

I could find other homes for these things if I could find a way to better use that space. It's 40 inches of counter in kitchen with very little a counter space, so I'm frustrated every time I look at it. We hope to remodel the kitchen next year, so whatever I do will be temporary.

It's a bit too awkwardly placed for a coffee area - the sink is on the other side and around an island. We don't need a bar area. I googled and didn't come up with any other ideas. You guys are wildly creative, can you help?

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