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Stressed over Hardwood ( colour) decisions for tomorrow!

7 years ago
last modified: 7 years ago

Hi All,

We have hardwood throughout our home.

When we bought, there was existing reddish toned maple on the main level. A couple of years ago, we added wood to the 2nd and 3rd floor and went with a similiar tone, although it's not what we would've chosen had we started from scratch.

Yesterday we began on site refinishing for the main floor....

They'll be doing a test patch of color(s) tomorrow so I can choose as I'll be away all of next week. No pressure!

The handle rail/ spindles between all 3 levels had a very poor stain done initially so I could possibly talk DH into painting/ replacing eventually.

Question is....should I keep the color the same to go with other levels in the house?? ( even though I don't have a love of it) or...can I perhaps go with something more on the brown side? The kitchen area has been sanded done today and I'm liking the unfinished, light look, lol. I know I have to with a mid tone color though.

Help!! Must I stick with red (think mahogany tone) ... Or can I shift to brown for the main floor??

Other to keep in mind... My kitchen cabinets are white.

Eek!! I have tomorrow to decide!!!

Existing wood on 2nd level as per pic, also kitchen pic. ( sorry, lighting not great in this image)

Please help...Thanks!!

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