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Need Help with LED lightbulb choice for high ceiling

8 years ago

I would like to change the lightbulbs (Halogen) to LED bulbs in our Home Office which has 19.5 ft ceilings. I want to make sure I get the correct bulbs that will disperse enough light for a working environment. Right now the lighting is horrible! Since the ceilings are so high it seems the current light bulbs are not distributing enough light down to a work surface as the light get lost halfway down the wall. I currently have Philips Eco Vantage Par 20 Halogen flood light 39w 500 lumens warm.

I am very uneducated on Led bulbs as there is a lot of technical information like beam angles, Lumens, color temp etc... I am hoping to get some insight as to which bulb would be the best choice, taking into consideration the ceiling height and usage of room. I would like to have light in the room which is bright (not yellowish) without feeling as I am in a hospital!

If anyone could answer what beam angle, lumens and color temp I should choose for 19.5 ft ceilings that would be fantastic and greatly appreciated!

P.S. I have tried calling a few companies who sell light bulbs and no one can give me any answers!

Thank you

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