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Stupid jade questions...

9 years ago

So, last fall my sister had left her big jade plant out and it got frost bitten really bad. She was going to chuck it, but I offered to try to save it. And through the winter I cared for it, and thanks to a lot of advice from here, managed to save it.

It now has a main "trunk" with 3-4 inch tall or so seedlings on it, each seedling has a couple sets of leaves on it.

So now I want to repot it into a more appropriate container.

Now for the stupid questions.

Right now the whole thing is in a shallow pot- do jade plants need to be planted in shallow pots, or can I use a deeper pot?

Can I reuse the soil that's already in the pot, or should I discard it and start with new soil? I can't afford to make up a gritty mix or whatever it's called just for this one plant, but I can afford a small bag of cacti or orchid or whatever mix to repot it if I can't reuse the soil already in the pot.

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