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Stupid question: should I cut back these cucumbers?

8 years ago

I'm brand new to this, so forgive the stupid question, but I'm getting conflicting advice and would like a little more input.

I bought a few cucumber plants from my local garden place a few days back. I had to temporarily pot them because they were in very small cells and an unrelated issue won't let me get them in the garden for another week or two.

Anyway, I only just noticed that there were two plants per cell. See the pic below.

I called the place and asked if I should snip one of them and let the larger one take over, since my understanding is that these things need some space. They said no, go ahead and let them both grow as is.

Does that sound right to you? I was under the impression you shouldn't have them on top of one another like this. All the advice I read about growing seedlings is that after a time you snip the weaker ones and get to your proper spacing with the strong ones.

I suppose I COULD try separating them, but I'm too much of a novice. I fear I'd kill both.

Are they right? Should I just let it fly like this or will I get a better yield and better plants if I go ahead and cut down one from each cell?


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