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Disease in my 7 month planted Monterrey Oak (Mexican White Oak)

7 years ago

Thank you in advance for any help.

I planted 4 new trees around my house last Fall in South Texas, including a chinquapin oak, a Mexican white oak, and 2 montezuma bald cypresses. My other three trees are doing well and are putting out new branches, leaves, etc. On the other hand, as you can see above, my Mexican white oak is struggling and I'm debating on what action to take.

The sad thing is I bought the tree sick in the Fall. I figured if I took good enough care of it which I felt I have, it would come back strong in the Spring. Initially this Spring, it was looking really healthy. All the new leaves it had put on were large and green. Then, gradually, the leaves started to die. It wasn't until recently it got as bad as the pictures above. Now I'm worried I might lose the tree.

I don't know what disease this is, but I could use some input. White Oaks are supposed to be fairly resistant to many diseases such as oak wilt and other fungi. My instinct is to feed it some fungicide, but I would like some advice on what kind(s) would be best to use.

If the tree is a goner, I'll be sad, but let me know if there isn't any hope. It didn't have any leaves for a while but the trunk remains green underneath its skin. I feel it just needs a jolt in the right direction.

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