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IDing zone 4 or 5 by New Dawn performance? Anyone else with New Dawn?

7 years ago

I'm kind of obsessed with having an official zone number, even though it's not an exact thing.

So my New Dawn sometimes dies to the ground, more often has a few inches of cane, and sometimes, like this year, is tip-hardy, although that doesn't mean much because the canes are just a heap on the ground, not upright at all. It's not in a particularly protected or unprotected location. Overall, I would never buy this rose again--it doesn't get very tall, and dies back too much, where I am. It was the first climber I ever bought.

What zone does this sound like? How does your New Dawn perform where you are, and what zone do you consider yourself to be in? I get that 'zone 4' and such mean different things in different areas. Just wondering.

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