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Rainy spring means more volunteer seedlings than ever

8 years ago
last modified: 8 years ago

I stopped counting at several dozen Oak seedlings. And I couldn't even count all the tiny Pine seedlings - probably hundreds of them. They've been popping up in sidewalk cracks, on grass lawns, in leaf piles, garden beds, and containers all over Houston this spring. My meager quarter-acre suburban lot feels like a tree nursery.

Why am I keeping most of them and even watering some of them? Because any healthy forest has trees of all ages and sizes. It's no fun to cut down a tall tree...and then wait 50 years until a new one replaces it. It should take more like 10 years in a healthy forest. If there's not enough sunlight for these little nippers, most of them will wait patiently for their chance in the limelight someday. Always keep a next generation waiting in the wings.

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