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Week 52: A little tired, but a thank you!

Well, I'm way late on this last week. Sorry about that. Busy day, and busier evening at work.

It's been fun and you've been great support. For me, each other, and the idea in general that we're very busy, competent people leading very, varied and wild lives. We forge ahead because that's just what we do. Folding and giving up? Giving away? Running away? Not options, because that's just not in the cards. Who is going to get things done if we stop, right?

Well, the baton passes on to the Wildly Famous, Immensely Entertaining, the Ever Wise, the ONE, the ONLY ...... {The crowd roars] TEXAS_GEM!!! GIVE IT UP FOR TEXAS_GM! ...

The spirit of these weekly threads will continue to be something I look for each week -- without having to freak that I can't find it because I forgot to start it! LOL!

Thanks all!

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