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My peace lily hates me, haha

7 years ago

Ugh I just can't get this this to grow or perk up, of course my 2 yr old de-leafing it whenever she gets a chance doesn't help. But, long story short my mil gave it to me last summer, she had it outside on the back of an air conditioner In a pot in direct sunlight (yikes). I got it to turn green again, but all the new growth I get turns brown rather quickly on the tips and it always seems limp.

I keep it moist, never wet or dry, the roots fill the pot, the soil is fast draining, it is in very filtered/low light, I don't fertilize it (ever) except for what comes in my soil.. I just don't get it. I use tap water to water it, but our tap water is gross, has no fluoride and tastes like dirt and all of my other chlorine sensitive plants are thriving on it and demanding bigger pots.

Any insight?

I took the plant outside to take the picture.. Its an inside plant

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