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New Sod over dead grass/weeds

7 years ago

I live in New Orleans and my back yard was filled with far more weeds than grass and would like to start fresh by re-sodding. I also need to regrade first to improve my drainage situation.

I already sprayed a few applications of round up to kill everything and would like advice on what to do before planting new sod. Some questions:

Do I need to remove the existing sod or can I just cut real short with mower and then till?

If I till, can I plant sod right after or do I need to wait a period of time for the old grass roots to decompose?

I got a quote for someone to grade the backyard which they plan to do with a bobcat by moving a lot of the existing dirt around. They don't plan to add more dirt or use a tiller b/c they said the bobcat will tear it apart good enough.

Would I still need to till?

Should they add a layer of sand/soil also?

Soil in New Orleans is real wet and clumpy how do I ensure I have a smooth lawn and it's not all clumpy?

Is it worthwhile to do soil test and/or do I need to treat the soil with chemicals

I have a million more questions but will start there and appreciate any advice I can get. Thanks


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