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Plumeria Group Swap? We could call ourselves the "PlumiePeeps" ;P

7 years ago

Hi all! I have been trolling all the other forums on this site, and although we have had some awesome contests on here, I noticed the Plumeria side doesn't do the Round Robins or the swaps. This surprises me, because from what I can see, the Plumie people seem to be the coolest. ... ;P... I see the other forums making rules and complaining about lack of follow through, and I just don't see that happening with you guys. Soooo, I have ideas, and would like to organize two different swaps. Since Plumies can only be shipped in warm weather, now is the time to get started on setting it up.

Idea #1 - I would like to fill a box full of goodies myself, and start a Round Robin with it. I would also have it do the circle twice to make sure everyone get a chance at a larger variety of options, especially for the guys and negating the problem with being at the beginning of the list. In this one, I would discourage actual Plumeria cuttings or plants for obvious reasons, lol. =)

Idea #2 - I think it would be fun to also do a one to one gift box swap. Try to pair people from opposite sides of the country, and give it the following parameters;

1. One Plumeria themed item. Can be a cutting, seeds, plant, your favorite feeding product, a pretty (or manly) knick-knack, or anything else that screams Plumeria to you, lol.

2) One ocean themed item, because summer is coming, YAY!

3) One handmade item, whatever it is that you like to make. Food, crafts, art, sewing, whatever.

4) And one item that you think embodies the state in which you live. (No, I am not sending anyone potatoes, LOL!)

5) And a mystery item if you all want to add a fifth.

We can discuss what rules we should make or if a dollar limit should be set.

Let me know what you guys think or if you would like to participate in something like this. Let's try each of them once, and see how it goes. I want to "give back" to all of you that have been so welcoming, and this would be a fun way to do it

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