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Newly planted William Baffin climbing rose-secure to trellis?

Nicole Vabre
8 years ago
last modified: 8 years ago

Hi All,

Question regarding William Baffin climbing rose: I just transplanted him into a large pot (since I'm not sure where I want him permanently) and I cut down canes to outward facing bud & removed all stragglers, thinner than a pencil. Here's where I'm not sure what to do; I secured canes to a trellis horizontally because I read you'll get more blooms that way, but not sure if I should have done that or if I should just let him grow willy nilly since this is his first season planted. I want the energy to go into the roots this year & not into the flowers, right? I've searched & searched online & topics listed here but couldn't find anything specifically about first-year care other than pruning.

Any & all advice is welcome! This is my first attempt at roses so please forgive me if I don't "get" some terms, lol!

Thank you in advance!


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