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Brick Path and South-Side House Bed Help

8 years ago


This is our first home, after renting for 10+ years.

I am not a great landscaper, as you'll see in the following pictures. My neighbore is giving me some 500+ bricks they have in the backyard to do a path and I just started tilling the path and decided to till between the path and the house to put in a garden bed. I'll mix in some compost, probably 20 compost/80 native soil which transitions from clayish-loomy where the yard is raised to a dense sticky clay in the low spots of the yard.

Current Project - Actively Doing

South-Side Yard - Installing Brick Path and Considering Rock-Garden Side-Bed/ Drought-Plants. Already have several succulants to use. I'm just really unsure about how I'm going about it...Should I put weed cloth under the bricks, should I be using sand/rocks instead of the native dirt between the bricks? I have weed fabric, I can put that down between the path and the house before loading some bagged dirt ontop.

Here are some of the plants I have now to work with and other pictures of the area


Other Projects

Front Yard


After - Front Yard - Was a dead-holly bush here. Bought a palm for $3 on clearance. Would like a rock-garden look but I've not been consistant with my plant choices--and need more rocks. Would like to pull out the little green seperater thing and have more of a clean line.

This really needs alot of work.

Before - Was nothing but grass/weeds - Secret/Shade Garden - North Side of House, Window in Kitchen/Dinning Nook. Gets 11-5pm Sun (more than I expected). I'm thinking I want to put a Japanese maple near the middle left of the pond where it'll be shaded by the house but still be viewable from the window.

After - I'm wishing I'd gone more consistantly with Hosta's, many of the shade plants I'm considering pulling up to put in my Terrariam. I have to many things going on.

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