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Can city inspector inspect without permission?

7 years ago

As you know, I'm remodeling a flood damage in the kitchen. To avoid any future issues, I decided to repipe. I was told by all that I didn't need a permit to replace as is.

Well when the inspector came, he demanded a full remodel permit because the drywall was down for repiping and he saw the broken granite (caused during remediation). We've been frozen in construction for almost 2 months while pipe company is jumping thru hoops with digging below foundation, structural engineers, etc.

In the meantime, my next door neighbor demolished the entire interior of his house and repiped as well. He started one week after my repipe. His repipe was exactly like my original repipe (trench inside foundation).

His plumbing company pulled a repipe permit but he did not pull anything else. He also is destroying an attached balcony and making it larger. I'm pretty sure he didn't arrange for an inspection.

At this point, he's moved in furniture but still have construction.

The inspector was out here this week and made a comment about all the workers next door. They had 5 trucks but all hid inside when he drove up.

I will have pleasure of seeing the inspector multiple times in the next two months. Can he just decide to inspect my neighbor? I don't want to be blamed for the consequences but I'm not going to hold off my own remodel til my neighbor is finished.

Since I've had to shell out $1000 for the permit and went through the hell of trying to find a decent GC, I decided to redesign my kitchen.

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