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To backsplash or not to backsplash....that is the question....

9 years ago

We bought this house a year ago and did a couple of things....we upgraded the floors throughout the first level to hardwood or tile. We replaced the laminate counter in the main bath with a quartz counter and vessel sink. We removed a powder room from the laundry room and created a mudroom/office space there.

We are out of money and can do no more....but the remaining laminate counters in the master bath and kitchen bug me. They are perfectly functional, but aren't as nice as the other, more updated bathrooms.

There also is no backsplash in the kitchen. The house is only four years old. I suppose the previous owners didn't get to I didn't get to it in our last house after 12 years.

The guy who did my floors (local company) told me he could do a kitchen backsplash for me for $500, materials and labor. That seems like a deal.

My issue is, well, I don't have $500, and I'm not sure I want a backsplash if I am not in love with my counters. Should I run into some money, I might redo my counters, and then the backsplash becomes an issue....especially since I have the counters that come up two-three inches on the wall.

I spend too much time on Houzz, I think my kitchen is naked.

FTR, backsplashes aren't the norm here. I don't know many people who have one.

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