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Organic Herbs vs. Non Organic Herbs Questions

9 years ago

Hello everyone. If you have a moment, could someone please help me with some questions I have? Thank you so much.

1. When buying non organic herbs at the grocery store, what kinds of chemicals are in them?

- What chemical names can I reference and are these considered toxins?

- Where do these chemicals come from (soil, bugs, pesticides, etc.)?

2. Is it true that herbs lose half their nutritional value about 30 minutes after harvesting?

3. To grow my own Organic Herbs with no GMOs, do I need to buy a specific kind of "organic" potting soil?

- If so what should I look for and/or avoid (for example, in sunscreen we look for BPA Free).

4. If I'm growing my own herbs, are bugs harmful?

- What can I use to keep bugs away?

5. Any tips for safely growing herbs indoors, like on a kitchen counter top?

Thank you so much for your time.

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