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8 years ago

Our Blooming Friends Swap Group [0BF] was created to have a reliable, fair and safe haven to swap and trade between group members. If you care to join us, we would love to have you.
Please be a successful member of GardenWeb and have completed a trade with two or three of our members. Membership requests should be sent to Shirley [Brittneysgran] Please take a moment to read our rules:

1. Have fun!

  1. Send your swap by posted deadline for each swap.
  2. No bickering; This is meant to be fun for everyone.
  3. Send things that you yourself would want to receive.
  4. Always include a Delivery Confirmation number and post it when you send the package.
  5. Always post what you receive from your swap partner.
  6. You will be required to replace a swap package that does not make it to your partner, for any reason. Also you'll be required to replace any item that arrive broken or lost in transit. Thank-you!
  7. New members will be required to send their trades first, for the first two swaps.

If you would like to join in this months swap we will be doing the white elephant swap. Your box will consist of all plants. Each person participating this month will list the items they will be sending in their swap box. I will then put all the names of everyone participating into a bag and let Dawson draw from the names. I will then list the names in the order they will get to choose a swap box. Please sign up by Wednesday May 6th.


Number 1 picks a box.

Number 2 can pick a box or steal from number 1.

If they steal from number 1, Number 1 gets to choose a new box. Number one can not of course take back the box that was just stolen from them.

Number 3 picks a box or steals from number 1 or 2. Again if they steal a box from number one or two, number one or two can not take back the box. Number one or two must pick a new box.

Now we do allow if say down the line the original box chosen by someone is stolen a couple of times like if number 1's box was stolen by number 2 and then it gets stolen from number 2 and then number 1's is stolen from again, number 1 can retrieve their original box since it was not still in the hands of the original thief. Does that make sense

There is a rule I will state now so there will be no confusion once we start the game. If you have any given box 3 times the box will be yours and no one can choose
that box again.

You can sign up without posting the contents of your box right now. I for one need to decide what will be in my box. I do know if you don't have some plants to dig right out of your gardens you can buy a plant you have been wanting and split it and send half in your box. I bought some plants from Lowe's today and everyone of them is big enough to do this.

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