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Pinus ponderosa distance from house

8 years ago

Hi, I'm new here. I have a typically smallish San Francisco Bay Area yard (where the furthest distance from the house is 20'), and have grown attached to the idea of growing a big ponderosa pine. I know there are real risks -- falling branches, foundation damage (though, as far as I know, pines' root systems have minimal invasive potential), etc., but I just see so many of these around here growing within 10 or even 5 feet of buildings that I wonder whether the risks are at all overblown.

I'm attached to the idea of a P. ponderosa not only because they're magnificent and suited to our climate, but also naturally lose their lower limbs over time (meaning that clearance near the ground will not be an issue).

I would hope that a P. ponderosa 15 feet from the house would at least be a safety improvement over the Podocarpus gracilior that the person I'd bought the house from planted 5 feet from the house (those things get huge, too), which I plan to remove.

Small, flowering, short-lived trees--dogwoods, ornamental pears, etc.--seem to be all the rage these days (even on the bigger lots that are becoming rare), as opposed to long-term trees that bring real utility--so maybe I'm just overreacting to this trend.

How impractical do you guys think I'm actually being? Thanks.

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