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help please!?! renovating deformed seedlings

Megan L
8 years ago
last modified: 8 years ago

My tomato seedlings are all suffering from varying degrees of curled and deformed new growth. I'm not sure if this is due to a nutrient deficiency (wet weather has delayed their transplant for a while), or to the blasted winged aphids (which got in a few days of rampant feeding before I ID'd them). I suspect a little of both. I have 5 in the ground, 4 in buckets (all deep planted and fertilized a week ago), and 20 still in individual cups waiting to be planted, hopefully tomorrow. My question is this: can / should I top these plants and train a sucker to grow as the new top? I don't know if that's the recommended way to handle it, but my instinct is telling me to get rid of the unhealthy growth to focus on roots, stem thickening, and healthy new greenery. The new sucker growth looks more normal than anything going on at the terminal bud. Does this sound like a good idea or am I nuts?

Any advice is so much appreciated! I am pretty new to gardening, and this is my first year on such a big scale. Learning a lot, and trying not to kill everything in the meantime!

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