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Need help with Tomato - Brown Spots, Curled Leaves, Indoor Garden

Dan Hansen
7 years ago

First time poster and beginner gardener looking for some insight into what could be going wrong with my tomatoes. I'm sure I'm doing something wrong as I'm a beginner gardener.

First my environment.

I'm growing indoors under one 400 watt LED grow lamp. I'm having problems with two different strains of tomatoes, indigo rose and stupice. The indigo's are doing worse then the stupice.

Room temperature stays around 75f but has gone up to 82f. Humidity stays fairly constant at about 45%. I started the plants from seed in rockwool cubes under humidity domes and transplanted into a Canadian Organic OMRI certified soil called Seasoil. I'll include a screenshot of the bag so you can see what the strength is. I would say I mixed in about 15% additional perlite and another 15% organic worm castings.

I do notice the soil is very quick draining and I would have to admit I may have let the plants go too long without water a few times since they've been started. I've been very diligent over the last few weeks and although they are growing tall they seem to be under stress and are developing brown spots. I'm concerned a problem is starting to get worse.

I have fed the plants twice so far with Alaska 5-1-1 fish fertilizer at half strength per the bottle directions and Botanicare Pure Blend Grow at full strength and Botanicare Cal-Mag Plus at full strength.

I PH test every feeding and adjust to 6.5 Water feedings have been from the tap, I'm on city water near Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and I haven't been testing the tap water for PH which usually does show to be around 9 to 10. I try to water when the I can't feel moisture when I stick my finger 1 inch down into the pot.

Does anybody have any suggestions or advice on what I could be doing wrong or how to diagnose.

Thanks a Lot!!

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