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Some new garden shots with lots of cottage garden roses

8 years ago

Here in SC just outside Charleston we have been enjoying a very cool and beautiful spring this year and my cottage garden roses are really just loving it and so am I! I thought I would share some shots with you and if your afraid of roses to add to your cottage garden I hope these will inspire you to give them a try. The key is finding the right ones for your area and the old garden variety are so much easier than the newer hybrid teas which are far more fussy, at least this is what I have found to be true for me.

Bush shot of Blush Noisette a strongly scented Noisette rose

Her close up.

Peggy Martin- in my opinion one if n it the best climber for beginners!

A partial shot of what I call the rose bed but really she is loaded with lots of companion plants lots of cottage garden favorites like nepta catmint, dayliles, larkspur (the green stuff that looks like weeds at the moment), yarrow, purple cone flower, lantana, foxgloves, Black-eyed Susans, 4'clocks, a clematis grows up the other side of the arbor.

Climbing Pinkie- a polyantha rose with Shasta Daises to the left along with black eyed Susans and irises and another plant that I forget it's name.

The other side of Peggy Martin and as you can see it is just waiting to be filled in with plants around her.

Again all that green stuff growing up is larkspur getting ready to bloom.

A white yarrow

Front foundation landscape of single pink knockouts Shasta Daises to the right and white azaleas and black eyed Susans around the fountain turned planter, I'm ripping those out though and replacing it with something, not sure yet. They choke out the fountain so out they go.

Belinda's Dream close up, a wonderful scented old shrub rose.

Hope you all enjoy and I hope I have enabled any fellow cottage gardeners who may be afraid to try roses in your garden to give them a try and if you did and it didn't turn out to give them a try again. Doing your research will save you a lot of mistakes and trouble too. I used to drool over pictures of people's cottage gardens with roses because I was afraid they would be too much trouble but I wanted them so bad and did a lot of research and asked lots of questions and decided to dive in and boy am I glad I did. ;) so I hope I have enabled some of you! :) Best of luck and happy gardening! ~Meghan

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