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Palo Verde and Bougainvillea not blooming anymore

7 years ago

We have 2 Palo Verde's (with the beautiful yellow blooms) and 4 bougainvillea's (the magenta colored ones) that are planted in our front/side yard that get plenty of sun. All of them had been blooming so nicely and full of vibrant color...till about two weeks ago, more or less.

The bougainvillea's colorful bracts started to turn a cream color along the edges

and looking dry/paper thin despite there still being green leaves all over and fresh growth in lower sections. Before, they used to look full and now they don't...I just pruned/pinched some of the vines that were looking pretty bad. The Palo verde's were also fairly full of the beautiful yellow blooms and all of a sudden they seemed to just slowly fall off and now it's just the green branches/leaves.

Our community is full of these two trees/vines and they're in beautiful bloom throughout...not sure why ours just halted? They were planted in October by the community landscapers and thankfully we had a few heavy rains afterwards because they forgot to connect our watering system! At any rate, by mid January they were all being watered on a regular schedule that was set by the landscapers - bougainvilleas every day for 15-20 minutes and palo verde's twice a week for 30 minutes. Since everything had been growing well my husband was thinking of lengthening the watering time but keeping the days the same once summer temps start coming I'm beginning to think the schedule they're on is a summer one and we should back off watering?

Any thoughts?

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