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Tile to Wood Transition and Door Frame

9 years ago

Thanks for all your responses to my previous question. A second related question.

I tiled my bathroom and placed a marble transition strip between the ceramic tiles (in the bathroom) and the wooden tiles (in the corridor leading to the bathroom). There is a small gap (about 1/2 inch between the ceramic and the wooden tile. I filled this gap with grout, but it is still evident (see picture 1 with the yellow outline below). What kind I do to improve the look of this transition? One idea was to remove the grout, and then a horizontal piece of thin wooden transition along the marble ... but I am not sure.

Secondly, in preparation to lay the tile, I cut the door frame too high, leading to an ugly gap (about 3 inch) between the door frame and the tile (see picture 2 below).

What can i do to close this gap?

thanks again in anticipation for your advice and ideas .

thanks _ Oyiwaa.

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