Help with exposed plumbing bathroom sink

6 years ago

We are renovating old bathrooms and one is tiny, having exposed chrome plumbing supply lines to the sink. The faucet set is a Kohler Bancroft one. The old supply lines were rigid and had a bend to get to the faucet (that was American standard). These new supply lines run off of new copper lines below the tiled floor, and are connected to the Kohler supplied flex line hardware. So the supply lines are wobbly and one is even crooked (!) we have a GC, the main assigned construction man (this was a total gut of two 85 year old baths) has been fired for incompetence, and 3 different plumbers, all subs have been through here. The latest plumber told us yesterday that the only way to straighten and make the chrome supply rigid is to connect it to the tiled walls with "something". Is there some reason he cannot do the same arrangement with the supply lines as beforehand, making them rigid and turned to meet the new kohler faucet set? Is kohler that specific that we must use the flex lines and nothing else will work? Pics of old and new from this sink attached. Two from the new, one from the old, where the supply lines were fine. Rigid, and straight out of the floor, bending to get to the replacement sink 10 years back.

Thanks for any suggestion. We've had contractors in our home daily since January on these baths (yes, that's nearly 13 weeks to complete a 4-5 week renovation)

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