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Orchid flower stem lighting logistics help please

9 years ago


I guess all my former gardenweb posts are gone. But I have been nursing a whole bunch of orchids I inherited that were very very sick with alot of rotten roots. Finally with alot of nursing, I have flower stems. The first ones a couple months ago I ruined being the orchid rookie that I am. Didnt realize how delicate they are and broke. Now I have new stems but im not sure how to position them with my lighting setup. I have overhead grow lights 4' and the stems are reaching up above the lighting units. The question is simply if the stems themselves need light and if I have to setup something in addition to the current lighting on the foliage and roots or will that be sufficient to feed them.
The lighting is full spectrum 6500k which is great for growing, but I understand the flowers need more of the red spectrum.
Attached are the photos I have of them.

Thanks for your feedback.

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