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When/how to Shift Key Lime From Full Sun Inside to Full Sun Outside

7 years ago

My little Key Lime I got in October from Logee's is doing well. It's about a foot tall with some branches. It's currently getting 6-8 hours noon -> evening sun (southwest window). It's put out new leaves AND!!!! looks to have some blossom buds (eeeeeeee!!!!) However, when the huge Ginko outside my building grows its leaves, it will significantly block the sun the lime is currently getting.

Happily, my grandma, who lives on my block and has an unobstructed front yard with the same southwesterly orientation, said I could put my lime & my even smaller calamondin her in her yard for the summer. However, I need some advice on making the transition.

I cannot put the plants outdoors a few hours at a time in their current location because I'm on the 4th floor and my building doesn't allow windowboxes. I can put them outdoors on my fire escape which faces northeasterly and is mostly unobstructed morning light (from an hour past sunrise - noonish) BUT I can't leave the plants outdoors there for less than a whole workday (except on the weekends).on account of going to work each day :)

Grandma has some more shady spots (next to a bush which casts partial shade) though.

What do you think is better to transition to from full indoor afternoon sun to full outdoor afternoon sun? All day outside with morning sun on my fire escape or partial shade with afternoon sun at Grandma's? Or directly into full sun at Grandma's?

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