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Helping my mom's tree. Help required

8 years ago

Hey everyone. Never been to the tree forums as I stick with veggies mostly. Anyways my moms tree has what we thought was a plague. It was a white fuzzy thing and there were several small clear spheres on different leaves and foliage right below the tree. I popped one of these balls thinking it was water but it was all sticky. I imagined they were either eggs or the sweet substance supposedly left behind by aphids. Anyways heres some pictures I took today. Not sure if you all can identifiy the problem or you want more zoom. Im now 80% sure its wooly aphids? If anyone can help please. Also the leaves are starting to brown and curl and the plant foliage below the tree seem to show white-bluish spots or whatever it is that falls down from the tree. We have those spots on our car too so I dont believe its another disease but something falling off the ash tree. Any help please?

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