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am I crazy that this is making me crazy?

9 years ago

pendants lights went up today. i stalked these lights and moved heaven and earth to get them b/c i loved they were sold in london and i live in NJ, so no chance to see in person as I had no reason to be in london.

anyway they went up and they are still beautiful and i still love them. and/but...they are crooked. they are hand blown glass and I knew they would be slightly different. but they seems SO different. and crooked.

the size of the "bodies" looks slightly different to my eye and even more noticeable is that the socket sits crooked inside the glass b/c the mouth is uneven - thicker in some spots then in others, so the bulb ends up looking crooked inside the light

it's making me crazy. is there any genius way that someone can suggest to address this?

p.s. - does anyone know where I can buy clear glass 60w edison bulbs? the only ones I could find had amber glass which I don't want. thanks!

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