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Should I Replace My Hardwood Floors In Kitchen (and adjacent foyer)?

9 years ago
last modified: 9 years ago

I have a dilemma and need to hear opinions!

We have hardwood oak throughout our home, except the foyer, which is black slate (old, rather outdated in looks).

Our kitchen is attached to and off of the foyer.

The kitchen floor needs to be refinished and I'm really considering getting tile flooring in the kitchen and the foyer.

Of course, that costs a lot more than just refinishing the kitchen hardwood.

My question is, how do you feel about tile? Is it considered an upgrade? How do you feel about tile in the kitchen as far as comfort and hardiness?

I know for sure the foyer would get a facelift by getting rid of the black slate. The hardwood in the kitchen will look nice after refinishing, so that's also a given.

I would love to justify the cost of upgrading both the foyer and kitchen.

Further, I don't think I want to replace the foyer slate without tiling the kitchen, too (it would kill me to see it in the foyer and not the kitchen!).

For reference, I'm considering Mohawk porcelain or ceramic, and Tramontina. The latter being a bit more expensive.

So, my choices are (I think):

1. Just refinish our kitchen hardwood floor and leave the black slate foyer alone.

2. Pull up the floors in the kitchen and foyer and put in new tile.

?3. Refinish kitchen hardwood and pull up black slate in foyer, replace with new tile.

Ack! Help!


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