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ideas for covering chain link fence -- I need privacy!

7 years ago

Hi. We have lived in our village home for 14 years. I like the area, but I really wish that we had more space between houses. Even so, those in cities or other areas have neighbors almost literally on top of them. We don't have that problem, but I want to go out in my backyard without feeling like I'm in a fishbowl. We have a hedgerow of trees that is right along the property line. "Conveniently", the property line goes right in the midst of the trees, so I'm stumped with what to do with a privacy fence. There is a chain-link fence that the previous owners of our house set about 5 feet in from the property line (on our side of the trees). Obviously that fence provides NO privacy.

I thought about attaching bamboo/reed fencing to the chain-link fence so I wouldn't have to look at the neighbors junk, see their bonfires, watch them and their big dog as they grill outdoors, and whatever. I am concerned that bamboo is not opaque, though. I thought maybe about putting a double row of bamboo to help the situation. Or putting slats in the fence. But I'm puzzled. The photo is old; ours is the house on the left. The chain link fence is in the hodgepodge of trees.

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