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6 years ago

I know, this is all regional and dependent on local climate, but having grown many Barden Roses I am always interested to know which of his roses perform best for people on the forum. I also remember Paul chiming in to name some of his roses which he thought were the best (maybe phrased somewhat differently). I searched the forum but couldn't find it. From memory I think it included:

Mel's Heritage
Won Fang Yon
Jeri Jennings
Unconditional Love (not sure if he included it but would)

I know it also included some of his once blooming roses (which I have not grown).

Maybe Paul could jump in here and let us know his latest thoughts.

When I saw the list I decided to add Won Fang Yon this Spring and it just shared its first flower:

And I also put myself on the wait list for Mel's Heritage.

I currently grow nine Barden Roses and would include: Unconditional Love, Jeri Jennings, Treasure Trail, & Pam's Choice in my list of favorites. I will be watching Won Fang Yon because it certainly is looking like a good candidate to add to this list.

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