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Does anyone have experience in communal compost containers?

Turns out my next-building-over neighbor got bitten by the gardening bug. All his plants are in a row of pots in front of the handicap ramp in front of his building, so it will be interesting to see if he falls on his sword regarding the latest stoopie edict from the co-op manager's office ("All planting pots must be in the ground"...) or if he comes out fighting.

Anyway, he and I were talking garden talk last evening and he told me he saw a really cool composter at a local store. Wow! I replied, do you read minds? I've been thinking it would be great to have a communal composted out back, to be shared by all the gardeners who contribute their organic leftovers to it. I pointed out that we could certainly place it in back of his building, where it would be out of sight of the street. And that it would greatly reduce the amount of trash in garbage bags, which would please the maintenance guys. And that it would be great to have a local free source of rich crumbly soil. He was really taken with all this and promised to bring it up at the next board meeting. Way cool, huh?

Does any Hostaperson have any experience with such a communal composter? I'd appreciate hearing the nuts and bolts of it.

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