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Privacy trees or hedges

9 years ago
last modified: 9 years ago

Looking for a good fast growing tree or tall shrub for my back yard fence. I'd prefer evergreen and something with color because I have to look at it ALOT ALL year

My backyard neighbors yard it higher and he built a raised deck so all day all year my neighbor has all access to my backyard with huge deck and kitchen and dining area.

Need something tall to block his view and something that will keep my Dogs blocked from the fence so they don't cause him problems by jumping on the fence barking.

Any ideas are greatly appreciated. No dogwood(allergic) or conifer? pine juniper etc no thanks.

Someone suggested fire bush? Which I love but it's considered invasive here!? I'm still dealing with a mistake to plant mint which turns out is invasive...... and a passion fruit plant that, in pot, went rogue and tries to take over everything.

No invasive but it should be able to survive and with my clay (even amended) soil it's rough.


from a desperate woman lol

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