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Need help with Quartz Countertop for my island: I have to put a seam!

7 years ago
last modified: 7 years ago

My kitchen island is too wide for the Quartz (marble like) that I selected. It only comes in 53 inches wide and I need it to be 69 inches. So where do I put the seam? The entire island is a long rectangular shape with Wood counters on both sides of the island and the quartz in the middle. Here are the dimensions: The entire island is 125 3/4 x 69. The quartz needs to be 77 1/4 x 69. The wood flanking both sides is 18 1/2 x 69. The width is the only problem. So if I put a seam across the middle, it will be 77 1/4 long. It's a very slight marble type of pattern on a very white quartz. The other idea was to put a "frame" of quartz around the a picture frame and it would be mitered. That would make the inner part of the quartz less wide. But then I will have this "frame" of quartz seamed all the way around the edges of the quartz section. The idea was for it to look intentional but then I will have all these seams to deal with...we will be eating on the quartz section of the island. Will these seams eventually discolor or fall apart? Is there a way I could just do that large horizontal seam across the middle and some how hide most of it with some kind of long horizontal vase (s) ?

This is the only photo I can find of what I was talking about in terms of putting a mitered "frame on the island" except this photo looks like real marble.

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