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Freeze damage

A couple of weeks ago (March 29) we had a sudden cold spell in our area. Temps dropped down to 24 for about 2 hrs and didn't get above freezing until after noon time. I was as prepared for this as much as I could. I piled mulch and leafs about 12"/16" deep all around all my rose bush's in the main gardens and pushed all my potted roses up against the south side of my house and covered them with old bed spreads that I have been collecting over the years. I knew it was going to be a tough go because most of March had been warm. I pruned all my bush's during the end of the first week, into all of the second week of March. I don't feed anything until the first part of April. Being so warm, my bush's exploded with new growth. Well, the next day I uncovered everything. To my surprise I had very little wilt. I knew something wasn't adding up. I knew all the new growth that was exposed to the freezing temps had to have damage. The following week it got nice and warm again. That's when everything started wilting on my HT's, mini/miniflora's, and florabunda's. BUT only on my established rose's. All of the roses that were planted last summer, fall and this spring were in great shape. All of the roses that were 2 years old or older had major freeze damage to all of the canes. I finished pruning virtually all of my roses back to the bud union today. Surprisingly most were putting out new basil growth. This was on Dr Huey, Fortuniana and Multiflora root stock. I did loose 3 HT's, 1 Florabunda and 1 miniflora. Dead, with no signs of any life at the bud unions at all. 2 Fortuniana, 2 Dr Huey and 1 Multiflora. 1 HT came through with NO damage at all. Remember ME. All of the OGR's and Shrubs came through with just new growth burnt. They all looked great today. All of the potted roses had no damage. This is the first time I have had any MAJOR damage to my roses from spring freeze since I moved to N, GA. back in 2008. Oh well, life goes on. I have no control over the weather and will keep on keeping on. Things could be a whole lot worse. We see it every day in the news. I'll smile and enjoy what blooms I do have this spring.

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