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A Look at Growth Habits

8 years ago
last modified: 8 years ago

Hi Everyone! Houndhome had asked about some compact growth habits and I thought I would snap a few pics of a couple of plumies before they put on leaves to really see the way they've grown for me, compact or not.

If you have any pics of your growth habits you could share please post them for us to see different varieties! I'm posting 12 for now and may add more if I can. I have 2 "you know you're sick when..." thoughts - we are looking at pictures of sticks and we actually understand them, and that I know my biggest plants by shape and do not have to look at the tags. HA!

Kimi Beauty, Penang Peach (and our old Beagle Daisy), Kimo

Penang Peach has a seedpod can you see it?! Funny, it's hard to tell in the picture but my Penang Peach is like a fan, all of those branches line up so I've recently decided to try it along the fence.

CS3, Gina, Divine

Sorry, kind of hard to see the CS3 clearly, but this one has gone from 3 branches to 25 branches in about 2 years! This one is a machine, similar to Divine. Divine still provides a bit more bloomage but this is VERY close. It's awesome, it blooms like crazy and the flowers are GORGEOUS!

Hard to see but Gina has 5 tips, so she had to get some height to bloom but once she did the inflos lasted and I had flowers for a long time. The left and right branches should bloom soon since that middle one already has (hope!). Gina is one of my absolute favorites no question!

And Divine, what can I say? Divine is older than CS3. This tree is just amazing - sometimes it will bloom and not branch but usually it branches. It will bloom repeatedly on the same branch and on very short branches. Currently has a seedpod (RARE! They do not set seed easily from my experience - seen them for sale ONCE and out of all the MANY flowers I've had this is the first seedpod)-and an inflo!

Kaneohe Sunburst, Desert Sunrise, Temptation

Kaneohe is a great tree. It's hardy, it has just lovely blooms and a nice growth habit. I love it! I just root pruned it and it's very happy - rewarding me with pushing an inflo! It was also in one of the hottest parts of my yard and hung in there.

Desert Sunrise and Temptation take up similar space - Temptaion is supposed to be more compact than DS but I don't really think so, do you? Desert Sunrise is FABULOUS, the blooms are sooooo beautiful! I love Temptation too, it has lovely veining and colors, just GREAT!

Goldilocks #1 (I have 2 of them), Atlantis, Golden Pagoda

Goldilocks #1 is clearly lanky - (G#2 is taller but still not compact) so maybe this one didn't get enough sun? I don't know but it better bloom, and soon! One of them has bloomed, I forget which one but it was late in the season and it was underwhelming - I was sooo disappointed. But I need to give them time since I know they can be amazing.

Atlantis was 3 tips last year when I got it, now has 5 so it's blooming well - I can't remember but where the seedpod is had to be where a bloom was so it must have bloomed & not branched there? So that would mean it got 3 inflos for me the first year I had it. The long branch will probably bloom soon. Seedpod!

Golden Pagoda is as old as Goldilocks & hasn't bloomed yet, seems like a kind of slow grower. Hope to see blooms someday!

Sorry this is so long - that's why I didn't take pics of more!

Show us your plumie growth habits!

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