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Confirmed cases of Rose Rosette Disease in my DFW area roses

7 years ago

If you have roses and are not watching like a hawk for RRD and you're not in the very southern part of TX, you might want to start reading and looking for it in your roses. Apparently the mites that carry it don't do well in a lot of heat all year because it doesn't occur much south of I-20 (so far anyway) but then of course you have the chili thrips to deal with so all in all rose gardening just kinda sucks right now.

Here is my thread about it if you are interested

Here's a link to an OSU doc about it.

One thing to be careful of as you read about it, a lot of the info on the Internet is kind of out of date.

If you really want to learn the latest greatest and have some time, watch this video.

Roselee, I'm so sad one of the victims is poor Mrs. BR Cant who you recommended for my big wide open spaces. :-( To make matter worse she is next to that huge 30' wide mutabilis I have, if he gets sick too it's going to be very tragic. She's only 4 or 5 years old, the mutabilis is probably 15. One of the first I planted when we moved her.

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