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Question about year round plants for you garden vets!

8 years ago

I recently removed all my annuals from my front bed bc my foundation is about 5 feet tall in the front where my bed is, so little 12 inch plants look even smaller up against it. I wound up putting in some knockout roses and salvia for height and figured that's all I'll do up there.

1st question, will either of these retain leaves or foliage year round? Not really worried about blooms, just don't want a barren space.

My backyard is where all the fun takes place - it's where I have all my raised beds full of perennials and annuals.. for my perennials:

Allium all varities






Muhly Grass

Oriental Poppy


Balloon Flower

Blue flax


For the most part I am wondering about what will continue blooming through the summer and fall? I am asking bc I am not quite sure how to juggle this. It's like once an Iris is done after blooming for 2 weeks, is that it?? Do I just keep alot of annuals going?? I know this make not make sense but I can't quite explain it. Just seems like if everything is blooming now, what will I have in the summer??

If anyone has any other recommendations for stuff I can plant now for bloom in the summer that'd be great. Also, I am looking for a vine to go across my back fence in full sun. Something white, pink, red, purple, or blue - might even do yellow. As always, thanks!

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