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Which sink: stages, indio or prolific?

I will only have one sink in my open, but small kitchen. The sink will be at the island and the island isn't very large. So any of these 33" sinks will take up most if it, but that's okay with me so long as the sink is a work surface/ prep type sink like all three are. I just don't know which one to go with.

My issue with the stages 33", besides cost, is that the under cabinet rack thing might not work with my small island which will also contain the dishwasher. Also, I'm not sure how it will go with the builder installing it. This isn't a normal sink for them so I do not expect any creative solutions.

I've always wanted a white sink so the Indio appeals to me, but it doesn't seem to offer quite as much function as the stages or prolific.

The Prolific is stainless, which isn't my first choice, but I really like the multiple levels and different racks. Seems like it would be very useful. Not sure if cleaning will be an issue with the interior ledges.

The other thing is that the cutting boards for both the Indio and Prolific seems to sit lower than the countertop. Is that a function of the countertop depth or the size of the cutting board?

What would you go with?

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