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First time gardener, and my new lavender plant is drooping?

9 years ago

So as you can see in the picture, my new lavender plant isn't doing too hot. I just gotten him about 3 days ago and he's already drooping. I didn't over water him- the soil is moderately damp but not overtly damp and I had given him a bit of blood meal when I had re potted him.

He gets direct sunlight for around 8 hours, and the climate outside is a nice 70 degrees. At night I take him back inside so he doesn't get too cold.

And yet, he's dying- I think I have a black thumb. Is there any suggestions you can give for a first time gardener on how to care for lavender? I was hoping to grow some morning glories and catnip later as well, but now I'm having doubts that they'll survive.

Thank you so much!

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