Combo Oven/SpeedOven vs. purchasing Oven and SpeedOven separately

7 years ago

We are doing a major kitchen remodel including installing all new appliances and installing 8 foot wall of floor to ceiling cabinets. We'd like to put both a 30in single oven and a 30in SpeedOvenMicrowave on this cabinet wall.

It will (hopefully) look something like this:

Bayview bright white kitchen · More Info

I think the picture above is a combo unit that includes an oven (on the bottom) and an SpeedOvenMicrowave (on the top).

We are looking at purchasing the Bosch 800 series so our options are either:

1) HBL8751UC ($3684)


2) HBL8451UC ($2064) + HMC80151UC($1434)

We will likely place the the oven and speedoven on top of each other regardless of whether we choose #1 or #2 so flexibility of location isn't important.


1) Will option #1 have a much sleeker look than option #2? Any other advantages to #1?

2) With #1, I am concerned that I'll need to replace the whole unit in 5-10 years if one appliance breaks. Is this a valid concern?

Thanks in advance for any feedback.

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